Friday, August 28, 2009

Move in Day Pt. 1

I have to say that Wednesday was one of the most surreal days in our lives. A day to be excited about, a day to be incredibly terrified of, it was the college move day for Emilee. I don't know that anyone really wanted the summer to end, but we all knew this day would come. Its a incredibly overwhelming realm of emotions, it really is. You are excited that a new chapter of growth is starting, a new phase of your life, but you feel this overwhelming helplessness that comes with having to just......let.......her........go.....

We grew up with Emilee, we were such kids when we became parents. I remember feeling the exact same way I did Wednesday.........excited, scared, blessed, overwhelmed, proud.

You never forget the first time you hold them.....when they walk.....when they say your name the first time.....when you drop them off at daycare.....when they go to school.....the first time you leave them overnight. God stamps those moments in your mind but more importantly he etches them on your heart. Incredible how much he lets us in on.

But we all survived...or mostly anyway. The goodbye was tough...IT WAS SO TOUGH!

On the move....

Hello, you can't move without food and drink or ice cream.

Is this college or prison?

I want you to move this over here dad, I changed my mind.

Get your Lion Camp on!

Look what we stole at Chick-Fil-A......mints! Is that considered a meal?

Gosh this crap is heavy!

Well my internet works that makes us happy!

Tunes and TV!

Mimi giving instructions.

Mimi giving more instructions, and screwing up the shelves! HA HA!'s almost time for us to go. Please don't look at us that way.

I told you Goodbye's were TOUGH!

Were going back this weekend to finish it up so I'll will Post the finished product. Class starts Monday!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So at work when your going to be out of the office we post those messages to a website for anyone in our group to be notified. So Today my boss his message says this.

"WFH - Duane kept me up last night........"

Did you just type another coworkers name in there???....You now know the whole office thinks ya'll live together now??? Seriously kept you up doing what??? Awkward!

I think any POST on any social networking site or web page needs a button to click...That button would say something like this.

"Click this button to check your phrase or post to make sure that people won't spit there coffee out on there monitor because you just said something only a tard would say"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The start of the craziness....

Well I guess officially its starts tonight. The madness that is football. The 3 hour pregame show, the analyst arguing about the in and outs of the flex defense. Don't get me wrong I like me some foozball. From now until February 1st its the "I can't the game is on" season. I do feel for you girls out there because you suffer because of it. All the constant watching of games where your significant other has no vested interest in either team, other than the fact he has a player from the game on one of his 12 fantasy teams. The season of working everything around 12 or 3 on Sunday afternoon. My advice just tell them shopping is a sport and shop, shop, shop away. Seriously just tell him that the game is much better with a big new couch and his food taste way better with some high quality cookware. By the way I do agree its a little odd that he puts on eye black just to watch the game, good luck getting that stain out of his wife beater.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Serve or Be Served?

Why do people not suffer to serve? People include me!

Why is it OK to sit year after year with zero movement towards service? Aren't you not serving right now so you can gain all the knowledge you need through teaching to serve with purpose? When does all that knowledge come by the way? at 30? at 40? Your never really are fully ready to serve God, until by grace you serve. God will be there when you fall into it, grace saves and grace sustains.

No one signs up to serve, its not a flavor of the month, God appoints us to service. Paul made an incredibly powerful point, "to serve by God's grace that allows you to overcome your sin to introduce other to Christ to overcome there sin." That is a call out right there. That isn't a 5 step program or a blank to fill in, its truth, and its blinding.

Jesus came to serve and not to be served, oh but wait he didn't have small kids or a baby, grow up! people are perishing, that outweighs your level of comfort trust me. There will be no greater joy than extending the grace that was given freely to you. Just ask someone what its like for someone to be so moved by your small part that they wrap there arms around you and say thank you.

Serving is pouring ourselves out to others.

Love your neighbors, not in YOUR way either. Love them like Christ loves the church.