Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Laptop, hurry hurry!

I am a blog slacker. Work is a flippin mess. We hired a new person from Mexico. I swear you would think a communication company would actually hire people that can communicate, but he can't. But any-who I am getting a new laptop so I can't blog until its returned. Its suppose to be ready by Thursday assuming that person doesn't get laid off before its finished.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Why Grow Up?

These are my people. Well my peeps that still poo in a diaper. I hope their parents don't screw them up or they might end up like me....Actually maybe they need a little more of the crazy parent in there life. Who wants your kids to grow up just average anyway? That was sarcasm right there in case you didn't get it.

Have you ever noticed how uptight and pretentious most people have gotten? They refuse to even laugh at themselves? Why does everyone pretend they have it all together? Guess what you may in fact just be average? Embrace your average people! You waste a lot of time proving your not just like EVERYONE else....relax....if your friends keep score, find new friends.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things I Hate!........Sorry, I mean things that irritate me.

Irritation abounds today, so what better thing to do than make a list. List are gay but whatever I am making a incredibly gay hate/irritate list. There is no particular order to my list but those who know me will know what would be in the top 10 if the list was numbered.

a.) I can't stand the pale white fat-a across the street that flicks his cigarette butts in the street, which of course end up in my yard. Dude walk to the trash can, the exercise will in fact not kill you nor will the sun.

b.) People in the fast lane. Just cause your speedometer shows you to be doing a whopping 2 mph over the posted limit, please live out your wild side in the right lane I am hungry and ready to be home.

c.) The dude wearing his IPOD into the grocery store. Seriously when Al Qaeda runs in the front door screaming Allah is Great!, you will be dead cause your Master P greatest hits won't allow you to hear all the comotion, and by the way the lady down the aisle is not talking about how cool you are.....she is pissed that she can't find the bean dip.

d.) Clingers....Oh gosh the clinger. What can you do for me? If you can further my status I will gladly latch on to your overpriced jeans and we can be besties for the foreseeable future or at least till the holidays are over.

e.) Mr. Monster crack me up! Everyone knows your over compensating with those big rims and the 8 inch lift. I will bet money that when you get out of that great big truck of yours, your legs in fact will be shorter than those of your girlfriend/wife.

f.) What is up with stay at home moms with rims on there Tahoe's. I mean really its as bad as Mr. Monster Truck in reality. Are you reaching out to your 214 roots? I mean is there a cute badge you get when you reach this historic achievement? The thing is you know they check to see if there doors are locked when they drive behind Sonic.

g.) Apple. Why is it that your not busted by the government for price fixing? Every store I go in sales your products for the exact same price. How is that even possible? Nothing else cost the exact same price everywhere you go besides something Apple makes.

h.) Off brand products... Seriously why can nothing off brand come in decent packaging. If its not a name brand you know its not going to tear along the "tear here line", and your going to be cussing for not spending the extra 10 cents to get the good one, then end up throwing it away cause the Ziploc doesn't work right and it rots.

i.) Questionable pics of your family member or there "members". No one wants to see that crap! Cover it up.

j.) Whining.......Really your the only soul on the face of the earth that is overwhelmed or had a bad day? I have had a lifetime of bad days this week, and there so hard I just want to run away and..........Oh!....wait......<----example of whining. No charge for that one.

k.) Posting messages to your spouse on Facebook. Trust me if you can't say it in person your doomed.......doomed I say. Call them they will love it.

l.) People pleasing. You know the reality is its your own fault. Learn to grow a pair and say "no". There not going to leave you out of the will or not invite you over for smores. Why is OK for you to always say "yes" and for them to always say "no". Take a stand. I need to tattoo this on my arm.

m.) This one is for Allie. OK, devoting a blog to pictures of every single day of your kids life is flippin whacked out. No one wants to see him on the pot, its not cute, its CREEPY! There going to grow up with major issues when your in there room, there 16, and your taking a picture of them when they wake up. There going to flip you off in fact. We know you think your kid is the best, you have to say your kid is phenomenal or you can't bring them home. It's like a hospital rule or something.

That is it for now. I feel much better.

You know you have a list. Post it.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Viva San Antonio!

20 yrs. of marriage.....The 1st anniversary we had back in the day was in San Antonio, we went back at 10 yrs. and now at 20 yrs. It holds some significance in our relationship. It was the first vacation we took even before we were first vacation with her family. I can't believe that wasn't enough for me to run away! run away! but that is another post. We went right after we found out we were having Em, there were lots of walks and talks and lots of blank stares and someone might have said, what the hell are we going to do now?

You know its
really odd, weird, shocking to say you've married for 20 years. They ask why its lasted....what's our secret.....Of course you get the priceless look of she must have been pregnant....they don't' say it out loud but there minds churn, do the head math thing, asking the age of the oldest, its really fun to watch actually. She wasn't I can assure you of that. We came from such different backgrounds you could have bet and most people would have checked the Fail box on there scorecard. You had her parents who have been together for like 30+ in one corner, 30 years of bitching and moaning about whose right!.....You had my parents who lasted 5 years....who got married at the same age but got married to escape there home life and there siblings.

If you did check fail back in 1989 on your will it last worksheet, you would owe us some serious coin right now. So pay up! It hasn't been perfect, it's been filled with indecision, stress, joy, happiness, fear, sadness, laughter, tears and ALOT of craziness.....But its always been filled with something. Trust me if you don't have YOUR something you don't have anything.

So here is some evidence we did in fact leave the room.

Our suite..Yes I picked this out all by myself.

Energy: Of course we got out of the car and went for mexican food. Same place we always go the Rio Rio.

San Fernando Church.....WOW! This church claims to be the first established church in the state. It's gone through four major renovations since its founding and is a working church still to this day. I know the church is just a building but this is a serious building, the Catholics do it right.

So the story is a Mexican fighting at the Alamo with the Texans collected the remains after the siege concluded. The bodies of Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie and William Travis were buried in this church and were discovered during one of it's remodels in 1936. Of course people at the Alamo dispute it.

The remains as uncovered in the old sanctuary in 1936. Notice the plaque on the right.

This is the spot where Santa Anna raised the red flag a token that he intended to give no quarter.

Organ that still in use today. They just play it now by a freaking computer! Points off for that.

The French influence.

This is actually carved out of limestone, looks just like wood.

This is a building that comes up from the Riverwalk notices the faces on the ledge? Reportedly put here because the Germans were very superstitious and these were a sign of good luck. They didn't work to well during the stock market crash of 1929 this building was quite popular for ending your life as people repeatedly jumped off to there death....Gosh I have been on the boat tour too many times. Tips are appreciated.

Check out the Gargoyles coming out to protect from evil spirits.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hmmmm....He said what? He did not.

So I thought I always had plenty to say until I clicked on create I am speechless it seems. I don't know if I will really have a theme like cooking or such, I think I might more just jump around and spout randomness. In fact I know I will. Any who. Mark, Set. Go!!!!

So Em (the oldest) gets in the car after church......distraught. She proceeds to tell me that in her class this morning her teacher told them that if things aren't going wrong in their lives their probably not living the "right" life. That their not in God's will. Seriously? He said that? So let me get this straight if we as Christians don't have problems continuously were not in God's will? Ever read Isaiah 41:10? What about Psalm 9:10?

Pretty ridiculously deep topic for a first post but I said it would be random. So scripture tells us that God is the author of EVERYTHING (
Matthew 28:18), not ANY leeway in that statement, ZERO! Maybe......just all of God's wisdom, the reason some people have more struggles, hurt, or pain has nothing to do with there threat to Satan or there ability to carry out the great commission, but has more to do with there relationship or lack thereof with Jesus? Maybe you have problems cause God is reeling you in, or he is exposing something in your life that has become your "God"? Gosh has he never heard of sin, and that sin has a consequence that being judgment??? Ecclesiastes 12:14

Amazing how much people are formed from things they hear.....even crotchety old baptist....can't we just sticks to the facts? They have held up pretty well on there own.